P.O. Box 38106
​Lusaka, Zambia
Established in 2005, King World Missions is a charity organization registered with the Registrar of Companies in Lusaka, Zambia. We are the premier development institution of Kalingalinga, Helen Kaunda and Mass media area. Understanding that our youths are our greatest riches and resources, we are dedicated to combating poverty and improving the lives of its community. We now have 2 schools for the children, Gracefold and Ruchi Trust, with 9 teachers between them who are paid by KWM.
We are dedicated to educating the locals with anempphasis on empoweringwomen and youths with life skills, water hargvesting, preventing child marriages, HIV/AIDS and other heaalth hazards.  We also have course inmetal fabrication, sewing, small business skills, and planting and harvesting crops.  Religion, languages, culture, and h ealth care are also part of the KWM portfolio.
  1. Dr. Ralph Sebente
    Deputy Vice Chancellor for Mosa University. A courageous, self-motivated and hard working man.
  2. Agnes Sebente
    A real business Lady. Determined, and responsible in every area of development.
  3. Felix Khondowe
    Project Co-ordinator, Secretary
    Business man. An Effective communicator at all levels of the organisation.
  4. Ruth Namonje
    Director, Ruchi School
    Believes God has a purpose for her life and will fulfill it. Person who never hesitates to express her likes and dislikes. Likes challenges.
  5. Morton Kumwenda
    Founder of a vibrant church within the community. "You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself."
  6. Florence Kabwela
    Worked for Hospice, now retired. She lives by "Trusting God's resources since the dream is bigger than all our abilities"